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New construction remodeling and upgrades

The lightning requirements in hospitality is completely different. They require brighter, stylish and cost effective lightning solutions which not only enhance their look but also help save the much needed electricity. Modern LED lighting solutions have evolved from simple functional lighting to a more novel and creative approach, in Ecosan they are experts at providing the latest lightning solutions for creating warm and cozy looking in each different area.

Ecosan provides the best lighting solutions for remodeling or restructuring residential spaces. Either the building is 5 or 40 years old we are experts at providing innovative and eco-friendly lightning solutions to light up any kind of building project that is undergoing remodeling or new construction. If you are looking for an integrated company who can serve your needs from manufacturing to maintenance service using the most stylish and cost effective lightning solutions then we have the best solutions for you. Our experienced professionals, Architects and Engineers will plan out a completely customized lightning solution depending on your requirements with the help of special team of lightning experts who will carry out certain tests and inspections of your existing lighting. The solutions are in our hands, our clients just will guide us on their needs, solution ? A cost effective way to enhance living spaces with energy saving solutions at reduced costs.

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