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Custom Design

Proper lighting makes a difference in how one feels about their home. It lets home owners to enjoy their homes to full potential. But a customized lightning solution for multi-use environment like home is really great challenge. At Ecosan we accept this challenge and provide quality custom home lighting design and installation solutions to create the perfect atmosphere for every room in your home. We offer innovative lightning solutions to create beautiful living environments by adding special fixtures, lanterns and sconces to your rooms, highlighting its architecture, setting the mood with dimmers and timers, and displaying your favorite art work. No matter what your custom home lighting needs are, whether you are looking for custom lighting installation, lightning installation at new home, upgrades or lightning repairs, Ecosan can provide you the best solutions at lesser costs. Ecosan can help you visualize and execute your visions with the optimum results. So why not give us a chance and see how we transform your favorite place with a custom lighting plan today!

We work with a number of fine architects and interior designers , all of whom have many years experience designing new homes and condos, as well as traditional house renovation, in USA. Each professional comes to us with different idea many of them with certain innovation that needs additional effort in terms of design and Engineering.

With the growing concern for the environment, reducing greenhouse gases has become a priority and lighting styles are reflecting this new-found awareness, with LED being preferred in the designs. Energy efficiency need not necessarily imply lackluster, clinical or bland designs. The new designs being planned still manage to achieve a luxurious effect, with reduced power consumption retaining its precedence. The lighting industry as a whole, and custom lamps in particular, has always been associated with opulence, but the changed circumstances are compelling custom lighting manufacturers to pioneer the introduction of Eco-friendly designs which combine opulence, luxury and style with energy efficiency and practicality.

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