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About Us

Miami, Florida base Ecosan specializes and pursue the adaptions of new green technologies in buildings and construction industry. We manufacture new LED bulbs as well retrofit old fixtures adapting the latest technology in lighting savings. We use the highest quality components assuming a reduction in power consumption from 59% to 79% aside to eliminate continuous maintenance cost. 

No matter what kind of project big or small, commercial, residential or landscape we have the knowledge and capability of doing the things right as competitive cost with better performance and quality finishing.

Trough our several available programs start saving it is easy and instantly as operations cost, power and unforeseen expenses are being reduce to levels dramatically shown from the first day. Ecosan aware of the available incentives and rebates by the federal and locals Governments can guide, advice and process trough all these programs to achieve additional savings in installation and taxes, most of this programs are easy to meet and everybody is approved.

As a family owned company we focus more on quality not on quantity, our products uses USA made microchips, we assemble, manufacture, and quality controlled in the USA, we do not just merely import from China unverified products with uncertain quality. Our commitment is to assure our clients the highest level in quality.

When thinking in Ecosan we should see an integrated company composed by well-trained staff serving and kind of lighting installation: Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance 24/7.... after service, solvent warranty and local support.

Our best marketing is the word of our well-known clients, many of them big names in all kind of industries believing in Ecosan's Performance, quality, service and solutions delivered.